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User safety tips
»  Always wear safety glasses when using any tools.
»  Always visually inspect tool for damage and cracking.
»  Immediately replace all damaged tools.
»  Do not use tools beyond their limit or useful life.
Selecting the proper heat treat for bits
It is very important that you choose the correct heat treat for your driver bits. Variables such as operator, application, and type of tool used may require different hardness levels.
To accommodate these different requirements, Compass offers different levels of hardness.
X-Extra Hard
H-Middle Hardness
S-Low Hardness
The X or Extra hard is the most common hardness, but for higher torque applications a lower hardness should be used. In high torque applications a lower hardness will withstand the twisting that occurs and help extend the life of your bit. In the case that you are using hardened screws it is best to use the X hardness. This will help prevent wear on the bits.

The determination of proper heat treatment is dependent upon failure mode.
In the event of shattering or fracturing during application, a bit with a lower level of hardness may be suitable. Conversely, if the failure mode is where occurs look at variances caused by multiple operators, different torque levels, or different power tool settings.

It is vital in achieving long tool life that you choose the proper heat treatment for driving tools. The three levels of heat treatment offered by Compass allow each particular customer to customize the heat treatment that best fits their applications. To specify a particular heat treat, add a letter suffix to the part number. For example, to specify "X hardness" in a #2 Phillips, the part number would be 125P2A-X. Please contact Compass for a representative to assist you with any questions.

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