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1987Compass Corporation is founded
1988Invests in specialized steel from Japan and quality was widely accepted by many customers
1989Manufacturing is moved to a bigger facility on HaiDian Road to accommodaterapid growth
1990Full function Quality Control Department is first established
1991Compass replaces old equipment with new automated equipmen
1992Expands on Manufacturing Equipment and Improving on Technical Skills
1995Compass moves once again to an even bigger facility in Yung Kang Industrial Park
1996Purchases own heat treatment equipment to control a key process in the manufacturing of screwdriver bits
1997Receives ISO 9002 Certification
2000Initiates NPS Production System 
Practices 5S throughout the manufacturing facility
2001Becomes TORX® Licensee
2002Improves on quality aspects with new Heat Treatment Equipment
2003Granted various design patents 
Internal tooling department is first established 
Invests in 3D CAD/CAM Software 
Becomes SIT® Bit Licensee 
Receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification
2004Develops new CNC machines in order to improve processing techniques 
Invested in Vietnam manufacturing facility
2005Invests on Plastic Injection Molding Machines and Mold Flow Analysis 
Invests in more CNC equipment 
Becomes UNISCREW®, ttap® Licensee
2006Becomes MORTORQ® Licensee 
Introduces its first line of Precision Screwdrivers 
Introduces its first line of THandle Screwdrivers
Introduced further screwdriver lines
2007Becomes TORX PLUS® Licensee 
Invests in new Taiwan manufacturing facility 
Invests in further sales representations worldwide 
Renews EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification
2008Received License for VDE
2010Received ISO 9001:2008 Certificatin
2012Developed new heat treatment equipment to control a key process in the manufacturing of screwdriver bits
2014Become ttap® Licensee
2015Increased Vietnam factory capacity in 2015 to improve competitiveness

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